Glory hole culture

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Exploring the history of glory holes after my bizarre encounter with one

Glory hole - What are glory holes?

Who was I to know that when you plug in the underground, sexual subculture of anonymity and hand signals, the experience becomes more than just your everyday dick-in-a-hole? The secret hook-up spot was inside the scummy backdoor entrance that led into an iconic, erotic oasis where obscure lighting and stark unkemptness invited sexual anonymity and experimentation. To my untrained eye, the public restroom looked uninhabited and dysfunctional. Why are there holes in these bathroom stalls? Someone should fix this. I chalked it up to a bathroom that had been overused and slightly forgotten. I went on to do my biological business and no sooner than I hovered over the toilet did a finger inch through the hole.

We Asked People Why They Use Glory Holes. Boy, Did They Answer.

As with similar terms like dogging and cottaging, people who've heard the terms don't always totally understand what they actually mean. And this could be because the world doesn't want you to know this. A handful of conservatives kicked up a fuss back in when the Western Australia Museum acquired a vintage glory hole for its collection, but they had the right idea — dive deep and glory holes actually tell us plenty about queer history. A glory hole is a hole drilled into the walls or, occasionally, the doors of public cruising spots.
Michael Brady. Rolled out early in the pandemic, this campaign offered a useful public health message as we were learning how easily the coronavirus spreads. In fact, we see underground sex parties happening in the Castro and other parts of the city, and people are continuing to hook up through Grindr and Scruff.