Ethnic albanian facial characteristics

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I would like to thank Nathalie Clayer and Meltem Toksoz who read the earlier manuscripts and offered me valuable corrections and suggestions. But what chiefly distinguishes Albania from other provinces lies in the peculiar characteristics of the race. By nature quick, energetic, intolerant of control, sceptical, and fickle, the Skipetar, unlike the Slav, has ever made freedom all in all, and religion a question of secondary importance. The Slavs, deemed different from Albanians by Sir Evans, a noted British archaeologist, were to occupy the lands inhabited mostly by Albanians. Yet, the Albanians, divided among various religion, lacked a coherent political unit in order to defend the verdicts of the Congress 3. Albanian nationalism, still at its infancy, was to face a serious challenge in terms of recognition from the Great Powers.


Facial Anthropometric Norms among Kosovo - Albanian Adults

They also constitute a large diaspora with several communities established across Europe, the Americas and Oceania. Diaspora based Albanians may self identify as Albanian, use hybrid identification or identify with their nationality, often creating an obstacle in establishing a total figure of the population. The ethnogenesis of the Albanians and their language is a matter of debate among historians and ethnologists. They are mentioned for the first time in historical records from the 11th century as a tribe living across the mountainous region of the Mat and Drin rivers in the Western Balkans. The Albanian diaspora has its roots in migration from the Middle Ages initially across Southern Europe and eventually across wider Europe and the New World.

Facial Anthropometric Norms among Kosovo - Albanian Adults

The development of an anthropometric craniofacial database is a necessary multidisciplinary proposal. The aim of this study was to establish facial anthropometric norms and to investigate into sexual dimorphism in facial variables among Kosovo Albanian adults. Using direct anthropometry, a series of 8 standard facial measurements was taken on each subject with digital caliper with an accuracy of 0.
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