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On November 21, , at the U. Air Force base at Udorn, Thailand, helicopters carrying U. S Army Special Forces personnel took off into the inky blackness of the night sky. Those aboard had been training secretly for months and were ready to execute Operation Kingpin, the final phase of a daring plan—the rescue of American prisoners of war from the North Vietnamese prison camp at Son Tay. The Son Tay prison camp was located approximately 23 miles west of Hanoi.

Operation Ivory Coast

Operation Ivory Coast - Wikipedia

American POWs continued to languish in inhumane conditions until the last prisoner was released in April of By , the Vietnam War had reached a stalemate. Since January , peace talks had dragged on in Paris with little progress, the POW issue a sticking point during the negotiations. The North Vietnamese had not provided an accounting of all Americans held, and had denied protections guaranteed by the laws of war. Championed by American families of service-members missing or imprisoned, the issue remained a paramount concern of President Nixon.

Operation IVORY COAST, a “Mission of Mercy”

American intervention Post- Paris Peace Accords — It was also the first joint military operation in United States history conducted under the direct control of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Manor and Army Colonel Arthur D.
On Nov. Hours earlier, he had been fed a sleeping pill and steak for lunch and told to get some sleep. Army Col. Elliot Sydnor Jr.