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The striking difference between neurotic women and controls noted above prompted a replication of the previous study with an attempt to find additional data relating nocturnal orgasm to dreams and to other sexual factors. It is these findings which are reported in this paper. Coronavirus Resource Center. Our website uses cookies to enhance your experience. Twitter Facebook Email. This Issue.

Netflix's The Goop Lab wants to give you an orgasm

La Petite Mort: Techniques of Orgasm in Electronic Dance Music

Although the literature on imaging of regional brain activity during sexual arousal in women and men is extensive and largely consistent, that on orgasm is relatively limited and variable, owing in part to the methodologic challenges posed by variability in latency to orgasm in participants and head movement. To compare brain activity at orgasm self- and partner-induced with that at the onset of genital stimulation, immediately before the onset of orgasm, and immediately after the cessation of orgasm and to upgrade the methodology for obtaining and analyzing functional magnetic resonance imaging fMRI findings. The first second epoch of orgasm was contrasted with the second epochs at the beginning of stimulation and immediately before and after orgasm. Separate analyses were conducted for whole-brain and brainstem regions of interest. For a finer-grained analysis of the peri-orgasm phase, we conducted a time-course analysis on regions of interest. Head movement was minimized to a mean less than 1. Ten women experienced orgasm elicited by self- and partner-induced genital stimulation in a Siemens 3-T Trio fMRI scanner.

Brain Activity Unique to Orgasm in Women: An fMRI Analysis

Gwyneth Paltrow and her Goop team sit down with a sexual education expert to talk about taboos and female pleasure. Episode 3, called The Pleasure is Ours, turns its eye toward a more intimate arena: the female orgasm. The Goop team and the experts they interviewed talk at length about why female sexuality has historically been a taboo topic, and how that has led many women to avoid exploring their bodies and asking sexual partners for what they want.
Portrayals of sexualized narratives are rife in ethnographic accounts of Electronic Dance Music EDM , where the visceral musical and haptic experiences of dancing to club music are intertwined in a tantalizing symbiosis. Bringing together musicological discussions of climax with socio-psychological and neurological research on the orgasm, this article explores the manifold ways in which technologies of arousal in dance music mediate the sexual space of the dancefloor and consider how metaphors of pleasure and fulfilment are actualised in EDM in ways which destabilise the prevalent body of heteronormative, male-focussed narratives around stimulation and arousal. I am extremely grateful to the friends and colleagues who provided invaluable comments and suggestions on early drafts, particularly Cayenna Ponchione-Bailey, and to the research participants for their time and insights. In a witty take on questions of authenticity, performativity and stardom, protagonist DJ Davvincii Andy Samberg employs nearly every stereotypical trope of EDM build-up to work a dancefloor full of adoring fans into a frenzy of arousal and anticipation. Screams and moans of ecstasy are heard from participants as the camera pans round the dancefloor in slow motion, as the intense climax makes clubbers heads explode, blowing their bodily loads on the dancefloor in one of the most literal ways possible.