Warming masturbation lotion

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I recommend this type more for the man that uses a stroker or masturbator as it is super super slick and long lasting. It's an amazing lube to use on your private area so slick and amazing feeling. I highly recommend this amazing jerk off lube. Easy masturbation every day. Great for masturbation. Yes, it is safe.

Top 5 Best Lubes for Masturbation and Jacking Off

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Warming lubricant is a personal lubricant with the warming effect created due to added ingredients. The warming thermoception is achieved on the contact with skin or by natural body moisture. The main ingredient of the majority of warming lubricants is glycerol , a viscous sugar alcohol. Some of them include capsaicin , the active component of chili peppers. Other ingredients are: propylene glycol , alcohol , herbal extracts , and even some vitamins. Natural and artificial flavors are used for manufacturing flavored and edible warming lubricants.

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This is the all American cream that started it all in and is still going strong today. Smooth and creamy to the touch, Elbow Greases HOT Cream quickly coats and allows for a long lasting and friction free experience while warming to enhance your sensual experience. Key Features. Cream quickly coats and allows for a long-lasting and friction free experience.
Masturbation, jacking off, beating the salami, wacking the rooster, or whatever you want to call it — if you want to have the best experience then you need to have a good lube. Not only does it feel great, but masturbation is also good for your health! That is what makes water based lubes the best lubes for masturbation.