Want to have some drinks in manpo

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In America, the conventional wisdom of how to live healthily is full of axioms that long ago shed their origins. Drink eight glasses of water a day. Get eight hours of sleep. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

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You Don't Need to Walk 10, Steps Every Day - The Atlantic

We had lunch at a restaurant by the river. She was ugly, but her face held a certain charm. She said that she had Chinese citizenship now and often visited Manpo across the river. I had so many questions for her that I felt no interest in the ruins of Goguryeo. The woman and I went to a pub nearby. I found out that she was thirty-eight years old. I was quite surprised, because I had thought she was close to fifty.

10,000 steps a day — or fewer?

Many of us track our steps with smart watches, pedometers or phone apps and are of course thrilled when we reach that all-important daily goal of 10, steps. With the app I use, green confetti tumbles down the screen in congratulation. Answer: rarely. If you are going to count steps, the magnitude of your goal matters. Most tracking devices are set to a default goal of 10, steps — the famous number that we all know we should reach.
That number has sold many step-counting devices and inspired interoffice competitions. When people continue to not hit five digits, eventually some ditch the effort altogether. She and her colleagues wanted to look at the basis for 10, steps and its validity. Does stepping intensity level make a difference in mortality when people take the same number of steps?