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By overcoming these challenges, Australia can substantially develop its tropical, sub-tropical and temperate aquaculture industries. The Blue Economy CRC will, for the first time bring the aquaculture and renewable energy sectors together to address the challenges of offshore food and energy production, that leverages the benefits of colocation, vertical integration, infrastructure and shared services. Offshore engineering will be central to this emergence, leveraging decades of experience drawn from the shipping, defence, oil and gas industries. The Blue Economy CRC will develop innovative and sustainable offshore industries to increase Australian seafood and marine renewable energy production through five research programs:. Visit Profile Email:. Offshore Renewable Energy Systems.

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I make sure to read everything from start to finish, striving for accuracy as I write the corresponding posts, and, most important, I try to bear witness to the loss of this person from the Earth. I try to find something unique to lift up in each post, with the hope that people will recognize the loved one they are mourning just from reading a few words in a tweet. I find their faces scattered across the Obituaries sections of local newspapers, in profiles from local news, and in the wrenching testimonials submitted directly to me. Throughout my more than days chronicling the devastation of the coronavirus pandemic in the U. Read: All the things we have to mourn now. We have a responsibility to learn from their stories to better protect one another from this terrible disease. And we have a responsibility to affirm the basic dignity of our dead, proclaiming that their lives had meaning, and that those who loved them are not alone in their grief.


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