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Spring is in the air, and all thoughts are turning toward Wednesday, when — if tradition has anything to say about it — University of Michigan students, especially outgoing seniors, will turn to the streets, shed some clothing and make a celebratory run for it. Some will run to say their goodbyes to the university and their undergraduate years here. Others will run to celebrate the passing of another year and the coming of another summer. Others will run just to run. But after years of decreased participation sparked by national media attention, increased police enforcement and a university-sponsored ad campaign encouraging students not to run the Mile, many students wonder if the Naked Mile will ever be what it once was — a local student tradition, by the students and for the students. In , the teams credited with starting the tradition boycotted the event, declaring they no longer wanted to participate in the Mile.

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Harvey Drouillard took his first public nude photo on April 2, , during the debauchery that is Ann Arbor's infamous Hash Bash. Since then he's made it a tradition shooting each year in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Ann Arbor Art Fairs. For Drouillard, the art is in the stunt — he makes sure that there are no cops, and most importantly, no children — before his model quickly disrobes amid the crowd. He's outlasted Ann Arbor's Naked Mile run, which may very well make his annual tradition the longest continuous public nude event. We spoke with him by phone to learn more. Metro Times: So who's the authority on whether this is the longest-lasting public nude event?

U. Michigan tradition of Naked Mile holds negative reputation

Every year for the last decade and a half, a group of students and others have partaken in the University of Michigan's 'Naked Mile Run'. The following information was posted on Usenet in early along with some pictures from the run. The pictures that were originally posted to Usenet in May or thereabouts were taken at an annual event known as The Naked Mile held at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. The pictures were scanned and posted by someone who actually took part in the run named Dave. I was fascinated by the pictures, and by the event, and e-mailed Dave to find out more.
The Naked Mile began in the mid 's as a celebration of the last day of classes for University of Michigan students. The first Naked Mile, started by a small group of students, ran naked on westbound S. Univeristy from Washtenaw through the Diag to the Administration building. Approximately 15 people participated and the event past without any arrests as officers were not even called to the scene.