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Our values are the things we think are important in the way we live, work, and manage our relationships. What we value often determines our priorities and guides our behavior. Happiness comes when our actions match our beliefs and values. This means that rules should exist to help teach values, and that consequences should directly relate to the rule. As you create your family rules and consequences, make sure they correspond to your family values. For example, some of your family values may be respect, honesty, responsibility, safety, education, compassion, hard work, or well-being.

Disciplining Your Child With Special Needs

Effective discipline for children

Rules around technology usage in families can be a source of angst for both parents and kids. Even when rules are agreed on, enforcing them can bring as much joy into the household as a three-day old temper. Researchers explored technology usage rules in families, but from an angle which is rarely considered — the rules children would like their parents to follow. The study , involving families with children between the ages of 10 and 17 has revealed some fascinating details. The research revealed that our children want many of the same things from us that we want from them. Interestingly though, there is something many parents are doing that our kids want stopped — posting information or photos of them on social media without asking them first.

Family House Rules for Kids and Teens (50 Sample Rules & Printable Template)

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Would you like to learn how to create Family House Rules for kids and teens that help set a foundation for the standards and expectations of your household? If you do, you are in luck! Today we will be talking all about not just setting house rules for kids and teens, but also:. Click here , for more info. House rules are simply general guidelines as to how every member of the family is expected to act and behave.