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Pole Dancing might get an image of dark bars and shady places to you but it has gained considerable popularity over the past few years and has been a common acrobatic practice as well. Pole Dancing involves a lot of body movements and flexibility allowing you more power and control over your body and is opted by enthusiasts in gyms or dance studios as a separate style of dancing. Pole Dancing actually is a series of movements around a vertical pole. The performances of gymnasts and pole dancers are widely appreciated across the globe and thousands of youngsters are getting attracted to it. It might look attractive and an enticing art to you but pole dancing is no joke and it must be taken very seriously. There are complex movements involved that if practiced wrong can cause serious injuries like muscles getting pulled or torn, or getting some serious cramps that no one would want to get.

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We welcome you to join us by purchasing online pole lessons in our shop below. Already an existing member? Sign in here. These Online Pole Dancing Lessons are perfect for everyday men and women to learn how to pole dance at home for fitness.

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Welcome to Open Dance Academy — online educational portal from the best pole dance instructors from the whole world! Here you will find video lessons of all styles like tricks, spins, transitions, combos, floorwork, pole sport, acrobatics, exotic pole , choreography, stretching and many other things. The site is constantly updating, and new lessons, instructors, and styles will please you! Our instructors are pole dance stars so we give you a perfect chance to learn from your idols. Maybe you wanted to visit a workshop from one of them, but there are no workshops from this pole dancer in the nearest future.