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Jump to navigation. The minute you set foot on New Zealand soil, the lush vistas rolling into view, you'll understand why this country is often chosen as a backdrop for blockbuster movies. There are volcanic landscapes, green forests, mountain ranges and miles of pretty coastline in this compact country set over two main islands. Book one of our New Zealand holiday packages for a trip to cosmopolitan Auckland, the cultural capital of Wellington, adventure and outdoor magic in Queenstown or historic Christchurch.

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Meet the year-old woman who's auctioning her virginity off for $ million

Three weeks after Bailey Gibson announced she was auctioning off her virginity, the year-old has set the amount she wants the winner to bid — and why she deserves the exorbitant sum. Now Bailey, who enlisted the help of the world famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Nevada to advertise her first time, has the proof that could send potential bids through the roof. Bailey and Dennis Hof, the boss of the Nevada brothel, have sent through a letter from her doctor providing "proof" of her virginity. Verification by a board certified medical doctor states: "She wants her prospective bidders to know that she is the real thing. Bailey said her desire to prove her "purity" came after she doubted the "veracity" of some girls' "sexual innocence". Potential bidders will be able to make an offer on Bailey's virginity until September

Okarito: Small town glory

Okarito is less than two-hours drive from Hokitika. The wharf at Okarito, with a whitebaiter in the water. There is much to charm in this tiny West Coast hamlet, writes Elisabeth Easther.
Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson is demanding government support for his ailing businesses. British billionaire and Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson has written a lengthy open letter demanding government support for his ailing businesses while warning Australia's skies could look very different if Qantas was the only airliner in charge. The letter, which was published just hours after reports Virgin Australia will go into voluntary administration after failing to find a way to keep the company afloat during the coronavirus pandemic, was addressed to the Virgin "family". There are more than 70, people in 35 countries working in Virgin companies, says Branson.