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Comedy in wrestling can be very hit and miss. Sometimes it can create some amazing moments that are very funny, and other times it can easily fall flat and leave people questioning why they're watching the product. Vince McMahon loves to have comedy within his product, and even hires talent with that specifically in mind. While some wrestling fans just do not enjoy it, the fact is that when done right, it really does add a different dynamic to a show. Whether it is a specific comedy wrestler, a random moment of brilliance mid-match, or a promo, WWE has created some funny moments.

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This list represents the five funniest moments in WWE programming. Sometimes it's nice to look back at some of the more lighthearted moments in wrestling. With the emergence of Santino and Kozlov, CM Punk on commentary, and Edge throwing potato wedges at Paul Bearer; there are a lot of candidates for this list. Feel free to add some of your own favorites in the comment section! My friends and I were watching this segment live and it made us all crack up.

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