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Michael Oghia was on a Zoom videoconference with about 20 climate activists last week when someone hijacked the presenter's screen to show a video of explicit pornography involving an infant. What the hell did I just see? Oghia's call had been "zoombombed" with images of child sexual abuse. He's unsure whether it was a video or a livestream.

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Kiwi Photographer Shines Light on Sex Trafficking | Newsroom

Nikki Denholm has captured the pain and dignity of girls like Sunitha, who was sold into a brothel at the age of nine. Photo: Nikki Denholm. Matthew Scott is a journalist writing on inequality, MIQ and border issues. Since the world was gripped by Covid, online sex trafficking has risen by a third. In her powerful images, Kiwi photographer Nikki Denholm sets out to depict those affected as survivors, rather than victims. Sunitha is gone but her haunting image remains. She was just one of the 4.

Sex trafficking

The photos in this gallery were taken to illustrate the U. This report serves as the primary diplomatic tool through which the U. The U. Department of State estimates between , and , people are trafficked across international borders each year. Millions more are enslaved within national borders.
When it comes to human trafficking, finding pictures online that accurately represent the reality faced by victims and survivors, while also being trauma-informed and victim-centered, can be a bit of a challenge. These images can be found on posters, in awareness campaigns and in news stories that portray human trafficking. The unfortunate reality is that, more often than not, imagery in campaigns and news articles intended to combat human trafficking and raise awareness of the crime differs from the lived experiences of victims and survivors.