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Well, that was a crappy day at work, I think to myself as I lock the car. What a waste of time. Meetings, bureaucracy, frustration after frustration. I let the door slam a little harder than necessary, and kick my shoes off in the hall. She normally goes running on a tuesday.

12 Women Reveal Their Most Awkward Shower Sex Moments

Shower for Two – An Erotic Story - KIIROO®

Leila was looking forward to her boyfriend coming over. She was trying to get some work done, but kept taking a peek at the clock. It was a big step forward — she knew he would never just randomly show up, but the possibility was thrilling. Closing her laptop with a big sigh, she decided to start preparing for the night. Still, in the new phase of their relationship, she wanted to make sure was clean from head to toe just in case the night ended with him somewhere in between those two extremities. The thought of his lips caressing her sent her flashbacks of the night before, their legs intertwined, his hand stroking her hardened nipples as he brought up the idea of getting emotionally closer. She undressed and slipped into the shower.

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Shower Sex — I hear the shower running. It has been years since my wife and I have taken a shower together. When we first married we had shower sex often. Over time she grew to dislike some of the wilder sexual things we did, including bath or shower sex. Over the past few years since I have learned to be a better husband and the kids are older; our sex life has gotten MUCH better!
Just a collection of one shots I've decided to put together from late night fantasies. I'm sure every One Shot will be explicit. I'm not holding back. Chris and I have been friends for a long time but lately, I've been wanting more.