People having sex google earth

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The Google Maps Street View car caught the raunchy couple in a very uncompromising position. Sign up today for the best stories straight to your inbox. An eagle-eyed Google Maps user believes he has spotted a raunchy couple getting down and dirty on a rural mountainous road. The couple have yet to be identified, and it is unknown whether they are aware of their exposure by the Google vehicle. It is not the first time people have been caught in awkward scenarios by Google Maps Street View cameras.

Sideroad Sex

Couple Caught Having Sex On Google Street View | HuffPost UK

Especially when it comes to Public Sex! That included engaging in numerous amorous liaisons in public — maybe after events like Rio Carnival. For example, sex on the beach which ended up being the name of a popular alcoholic drink , public parks, and even on sporting fields. Nothing was off limits!

Google Maps spots naked couple 'having sex on car'

It's a weird and wonderful world we live in. And, whether you want to accept it or not, we all contribute to it on a daily basis, especially the weird. Want proof? Well, just point your browser at Google Street View.
After couple are caught 'having sex' at side of road Mirror. A randy couple have been caught on Google Street View camera 'having sex' at the side of a road. Perhaps the pair needed something to relieve the boredom of a long drive in the Australian outback?