Overweight women fetish

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By Marie Southard Ospina. He was a year older than me, with beautiful eyes and a caring nature. He was also respectful, letting me govern the pace of our romantic exploration without any pressure whatsoever. He was, in retrospect, a pretty perfect first boyfriend. Five or six months into things, however, a friend asked me if I thought he might have a fat fetish.

Fat fetishism

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Fat fetishism is a sexual fetish describing an attraction to the context in which fat as a substance and obesity are eroticized and regarded as elements which affect the function of society and the progression of human rights. The fondling of the adipose tissue of an overweight or obese person for one with a fat fetish is usually sexually arousing and is often similar to that of mammary intercourse. They may be aroused by the presence of a pannus or other hanging flaps of skin such as those on the thighs, arms, and back. Some people are aroused by the appearance of male breasts "man boobs" , caused by the presence of fat under the chest, known as pseudogynecomastia. The issue of erotic weight gain has caused a collision, at least in a heterosexually-dominated realm, between the goals of fat acceptance represented by NAAFA and others and fat fetishism.

I’d Been Fat All My Life, But Tinder Taught Me I Had a ‘Fetish Body’

Skip navigation! Story from Sex. She's fat, and she's finally ready to embrace her body. We see her go through this journey, from pretending to drink a diet shake with her boss to loudly declaring "I'm fat!
Fat fetishism is sexual attraction to overweight or obese people due to their weight and size. A variety of fat fetishism is feed er ism or gaining , where sexual gratification is obtained not from the fat itself but from the process of gaining, or helping others gain, body fat. Fat fetishism also incorporates stuffing and padding , whereas the focus of arousal is on the sensations and properties of a real or simulated gain.