Oursong atlanta gay lesbian chorus

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In these somewhat gray days of isolation and masks and social distancing, an unexpected moment of joy can lift the spirits—a moment that reminds us of the beauty and brilliance in our world—something like an Amuse-Bouche, a course between courses, something to bring a little joy and amusement to our lives. Featured are a few of our favorite pieces from past c Enjoy our special gift to you, and may it bring you joy and happiness. Enjoy our Amuse-Bouche! This virtual concert is free and a well-deserved gift to you, our patrons, for your ongoing support. We are proud and grateful to represent our community at these events.

OurSong: The Atlanta Gay And Lesbian Chorus To Showcase Spirit Of The Season In Concert

About Us | OurSong - The Atlanta Gay and Lesbian Chorus

OurSong is comprised of musicians from all walks of life with varying levels of musical experience. Some members hold degrees in music, some grew up singing in church, some have performed with famous artists and conductors and some have joined OurSong as their first foray into choral music. However, all of us sing with OurSong because we love to sing. We love the gift that making music brings to our lives and we love sharing that gift with our audience. OurSong has been active for over fifteen years. We needed a mixed chorus. Our community has not grown into the vibrant oasis in the South only on the shoulders of gay men and lesbians in isolation.

OurSong: The Atlanta Gay & Lesbian Chorus

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