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Producers must also comply with relevant local, state and federal laws. This extends to the pre-employment and audition process. A rider provides an opportunity for meaningful, considered consent. Not seeing below? Please log in. Notification A producer must notify a performer of nudity or simulated sex acts expected in the role prior to an audition, if known.

Quick Guide for Scenes Involving Nudity and Simulated Sex

Quick Guide for Scenes Involving Nudity and Simulated Sex | SAG-AFTRA

It's years since Annette Kellerman became the first person to appear nude in a Hollywood film. But this was just one of many remarkable events in her life. She sat naked on a tree branch, her arms stretched upwards, but her hair largely covered her breasts. It might not seem very risque today, but this scene, from a film released in , was an important event in the history of film. Annette Kellerman is regarded as the first star - male or female - to appear nude in a mainstream Hollywood production. The fantasy drama A Daughter of the Gods featured her as a character called Alicia who falls in love with a prince and enlists the help of the inhabitants of Gnomeland to help in his struggles with his enemies.

Annette Kellerman: Hollywood's first nude star

Often, those scenes are sexualized. Frequently, the bare body parts belong to women. Overwhelmingly, audiences accept flashes of breast or bottom without much protest. Female nudity on-screen is commonplace, at times even banal.
Nudity in American television is a controversial topic. Aside from a few exceptions, nudity in the United States has traditionally not been shown on terrestrial television. On the other hand, cable television has been much less constrained as far as nudity is concerned.