Mother and son pantyhose fuck stories

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I dont know why everyone on here is 18 years old, but an 18 year old who said his only stipulation with his mom was to do only household chores, looks like the s o b would get a job. It's too short as it is, though your rhythm is really good. Of course, I don't mean filling pages with things that are not relevant; I just mean more of what you already write so well. It's easier to read. One is 40 line long; that's way too big! No paragraph should be more than 10 line long.

Mom and son caught/change of schedule!

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You dropped this! Her grey curls were wild, bobbing gently while she made her way out of the parking lot. Tom skidded to a halt, arrested in the heterochromatic gaze burning gently under her grey curls. Her weathered features split into a grin, revealing a brilliant white smile. His mom was waiting for him back at the house; he was probably going to make her late for work.

Tom’s life with mom is dull till he finds a pack of pantyhose

I awoke the next morning full of joy from the night before. A whole week went slowly by without a word from her. Nothing else happened between us for the next two weeks except the mild teasing my mom did to me by not wearing shoes around the house. I placed them back on the pile and shuffled through the laundry until I found another pair.
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