Mature age recruitment

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Mature-aged workers have as good a shot as younger workers when it comes to cracking the job market, you just need to know what to do…. Keep it brief. Getting on social media will also help your cause. Whether they admit to it or not, most hiring managers will check you out on LinkedIn. The best thing to do is to keep your resume age-neutral to avoid any age discrimination. Get rid of things like graduation and birth dates — this can apply to younger workers as well!

How to Find a New Role as a Mature-Age Job Seeker

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In a recent news item, the ABC reported that recruiters discriminate against older workers. This can be code for employers wanting younger candidates, the ABC concluded. As expert recruiters we know there are many benefits to hiring this demographic and we work hard to place these candidates. That includes one who was 78 case study who settled into her new role beautifully. Her employer was glad they invested in experience. All workforces benefit from diversity in employee attributes, age being one.

Benefits of hiring mature age workers

As our population continues to grow, we will see more mature age people in our community and workplaces. Australians are ageing and so our labour pool is shrinking. Modern and forward thinking employers understand the importance and benefits of recruiting and retaining older workers to a diminishing labour pool. The benefits for business include:.
Mature Age employment is defined as employment over the age of 50 years. Many older Australians want to continue to work but find it difficult to get work if they have become made redundant or otherwise become unemployed, often deliberately targeted in redundancy. COTA advocates forcefully removing barriers to a longer working life for Australians and the right of older Australians to work on as long as they wish and are able, including measures to enable that.