Leg bikini wax

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So you finally pluck up the courage to ring a local salon and book a bikini wax. I have had many clients ask how many different types of bikini waxing for one area is there?! Well, let me help you. First is your standard bikini wax. Where your normal underwear is kept on and the therapist will wax whatever hair is outside of the knicker line on the front and inside the thigh. This is for the more natural shape bikini.

Biking Waxing Styles: Decoded

Bikini wax: What to expect the first time you get one

Waxing is great for long-ish lasting results so it's no surprise that it's a popular pre-holiday depilatory method, but if you're not a waxing regular the whole process, particularly where salon treatments are involved, can be a bit of a mystery. The idea behind this guide is not to suggest for a split second that we should all run out and wax our nethers bald, but rather to provide a little crash course covering the basics as well as the confusing terminology to hopefully help demystify the salon waxing process. Types of wax There are two types of wax that are used for in-salon depilation. Usually includes toes and feet if required.

The Beaut.ie Beginner's Guide To Leg & Bikini Salon Waxing Part One

Bikini waxing is basically removing pubic hair using a hot or cold wax. People usually get it done for aesthetic hygiene or fashion or some other reasons. If you are tired of the razor burns yet want your hair to be tamed down there, you should get a bikini wax done. If you are considering to go for bikini waxing, we share with you everything that you need to know about it and tips to follow before you plan your first bikini waxing appointment at a salon. The first step is to find a good salon if you are planning to get a bikini wax.
Waxing is one of the safest and most effective ways of removing unwanted hair from your body. Waxing is popular with both men and women because it offers a long lasting, cost effective solution for soft, smooth and hair-free skin. Your approach to body hair removal is a personal choice, and there are a variety of options in waxing services that allow you to customize your experience.