Just for sex in kemi

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Sex is a very important topic. And in relationships, it actually destroys or strengthens it; especially for Us women. Most men seek sex for the immediate physical gratification. How can I turn this around? This is actually a very common situation that so many women find themselves in. When we feel attraction and chemistry with a man, we let ourselves get flown away, and sex happens.

Finns having less sex, says study

Study: Up to one-fifth of Finnish residents have sex once in two months | Yle Uutiset | mayflowervacationhomes.com

Its most recent report, for , published in February, reveals that the sharpest decrease in the amount of sexual intercourse was recorded for to year olds, who are often in the so-called "peak busy years" juggling family and children with work. FINSEX results reveal that compared with the findings of the previous study, carried out in , the decline of the amount of sex that started in the s continues. Vuohtoniemi, who works for the Sexpo Foundation which promotes sexual wellbeing in Finland, says that a decline in the amount of sex should not be made into a big deal. At different stages of life the amount of sex can fluctuate greatly, she says. Focusing on studies and averages is not productive, she adds.

Sex in relationships

The finding that up to 20 percent of people in Finland get intimate just once in two months or even less frequently, comes from research conducted by the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education RFSU. The study revealed that up to 51 percent of women in Finland and 29 percent of men say they experience a lack of sexual desire. The most common reasons reported for the lack of sexual appetite are fatigue — reported by 48 percent of respondents — and stress, claimed by 29 percent.
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