Home alone and wanting in trieste

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Trieste is the polyglot capital of the northeastern Italian province of Friuli Venezia Giulia. From to World War I it was under Hapsburg rule and provided a gateway to the world for all of central Europe. If you want to see just how wealthy they were pay a visit to the Museo Revoltella , the dazzling mansion of Pasquale Revoltella, a timber merchant who helped finance the Suez Canal, and who spent much of his money supporting local artists. His legacy was so large that the museum continues to augment the collection which now occupies two adjoining palaces taking up most of a city block. Despite being home to only , people, Trieste has the gravitas of a capital city and the architecture to match. Up above, the San Giusto Cathedral and adjoining Hapsburg castle are built on top of Roman ruins and are filled with Byzantine mosaics and Baroque frescoes.

Join our family in Trieste, Italy and enjoy our seaside city

Join our family in Trieste, Italy and enjoy our seaside city

Italy today handed over an ex-Slovenian cultural hub — a hundred years to the day it was burned down by fascists. The gesture, carried out in Trieste, is aimed at healing wounds with ethnic Slovenians in the north-eastern city. Then, on July 13, , Italian fascists burned down the city's cultural centre, known as Narodni Dom in Slovenian, in retaliation for the killing of two Italian soldiers in Split, now part of Croatia, by Yugoslavian nationalists. He said the handover marked the "start of a new chapter in the shared future of Italians and Slovenians, in the European spirit of mutual respect, cooperation and coexistence". His counterpart, Slovenian President Borut Pahor, described it as a "dream come true as if all the stars had aligned after a hundred years".

Trieste: Italy returns cultural venue to Slovenian community 100 years after fascist arson

Not so long after the Second World War, my grandfather was sitting at a bar in the Italian city of Trieste with his brother. The man and his companions, it turned out, were exiles from the new communist regime just across the border, and who had made Trieste their home just like many Yugoslavs before and since. An embarrassing story from a forgotten world?
What's this? We are a family of four, Alessandro father , Michela mother Alberto and Edoardo, living in the seaside city of Trieste, Italy. We would like to host a flexible young adult for interacting with different cultures and to give our sons the possibility to be open minded and pick up easily some English. Alberto is 7 years old and Edoardo is 4 years old.