Good facial lotion for men

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Well, now is the time to change that. When it comes to skincare , moisturizing is literally the least you can do okay, apart from washing your face. Seriously, wash your face. Just the simple step of applying moisturizer after cleansing can save you major headaches down the road. Moisturized skin is healthier, looks plumper and smoother, and shows fewer signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles.

The Best Moisturizer for Men

15 Best Men’s Face Moisturizers for Younger, Healthier Skin in | SPY

Man, I feel like I've been writing so much about skincare recently that these last few days warrant their own theme, like Shark Week but way better for your face. If you've made it this far you're either a member of my immediate family hi, Mom or really, really desperate for a few considered tips on how to keep your handsome mug from going completely to shit this summer. It seems almost fitting to conclude this particularly epic run of grooming content with a few words about moisturizing, the building block of all good skincare regimens and one of the best ways to minimize potential breakouts down the line. Moisturizing twice a day—once when you wake up in the morning and once before you go to bed at night—has long been considered a fundamental component of any solid grooming routine. So naturally you, like most dudes I know, probably aren't doing it. Why are men so fucking bad at taking care of their faces? Look, I'm not saying I'm some patron saint of skincare with pores the size of an early Paleozoic-era bacteria but at least I don't get, like, visibly uncomfortable walking past a Sephora.

Best men’s moisturisers for incredible skin

A top-notch moisturizer will keep you skin hydrated throughout your active day to combat dryness, flakiness, shine, or oiliness. If you haven't added one to your grooming routine, it's never too late to start now, and that includes men over Emollients, such as natural oils, are ingredients that soften the outer skin layer and smooth rough cells.
The first place to start: taming that mean mug you look at in the mirror every morning. Your face literally comes into contact with a ton of stressors every day, from air pollution and environmental debris to harsh winds, to sweat — especially after a tough gym session. To protect your skin and to keep that youthful glow, you need to invest in a good moisturizer.