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My kids spend lots of time during the summer at our local YMCA, where this day of the week is known as Wacky Wednesday. Fortunately, there is a clear answer. The issue. There is, of course, an exception that allows same sex exposure in public changing and locker rooms.

Indecent Exposure: Laws & Penalties

Indecent exposure in the United States - Wikipedia

In the United States , indecent exposure refers to conduct undertaken in a non-private or in some jurisdictions publicly viewable location, which is deemed indecent in nature, such as nudity , masturbation or sexual intercourse. The legal definition in a given location may not specify all activities that would be covered. The issue of flashing or indecent exposure can be traced back in the United States as early as the s as demonstrated in this Sacramento Daily Union article which reads:. This morning complaint was made at the police office, and the officers Keane and Vance were detailed to arrest him. About 4 o'clock this afternoon, after the officers had arrested him In some areas of the United States of America in the early s, women were expected to wear cumbersome dresses and pantaloon combinations when swimming.

Nudity and Public Decency Laws in America

By Clay White. Laws prohibiting indecent exposure vary throughout the country, but share many similarities. In order to secure a conviction for indecent exposure, the prosecutor must produce evidence sufficient to prove to a judge or jury, beyond a reasonable doubt, the existence of specific components of the offense. Various states have modified these traditional requirements in a number of ways.
Thomas C. The evidence showed that the defendant was sunbathing in the nude on his back porch wearing only white socks and black shoes when he was observed by his neighbor's twelve-year-old daughter who was playing with her rabbit in her back yard. She observed his legs sticking off the porch when she first entered the yard and then after she reached the rabbit cage she heard a tapping, looked up and saw him standing up either on the porch or a nearby portion of his yard. She was unable to determine which because the defendant's automobile was parked near the porch.