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There's a reason marine biologists don't like to talk about it: Sex is one aspect of a shark 's life that cannot be sugarcoated. These terrors of the deep have vicious and brutal sex lives that pale in comparison to most mammalian sexual behaviors. The scientific truth of shark sex is not pretty and even harder to stomach — yet oddly fascinating. In honor of Shark Week , brush up on the strangely dark sexual side of these finned creatures. We dug deep into shark expert Juliet Epstein's book Demon Fish to find out the truth behind these amazing creature's sex lives. Sex between sharks is rarely observed.

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Shark sex is fifty shades of rough (VIDEO) | Reproduction | Earth Touch News

Ghost sharks, which sport retractable sex organs on their heads, have even more bizarre bodies than we thought. A new study of the deep-sea dwellers reveals that some females have a built-in sperm storage bank that allows them to keep viable sperm for possibly years at a time. Also known as chimaera or ratfish, ghost sharks have long fins and vacant eyes that make even great whites seem friendly. Though ghost sharks are distantly related to sharks and rays, little is known about the rarely seen fish. For the study, scientists focused on two ghost shark species often caught off New Zealand: the brown chimaera and black ghost shark.

It’s Time To Rethink Shark Sex—With Females In Mind

Sharks, rays, and skates—all fish in the subclass Elasmobranchii— are a beautifully diverse collection of animals. One big way they differ is in how they reproduce. They lay eggs, like traditional fish, and let them mature in a select corner of the ocean.
If you thought Fifty Shades of Grey got a bit rough, wait until you see fifty shades of grey reef shark. Along with rays, they have some of the most diverse reproduction methods of any animal group. Some lay eggs, some give live birth and some even manage the feat without a partner. For many other shark species, an offshore lifestyle means experts are still discovering the ins and outs no pun intended. While it looks extremely intense, the biting behaviour in this video is necessary to ensure the mating pair sticks together.