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To establish the 20 best butts in porn, the first thing that you need to understand is that my personal preferences to not matter. Why would you care which pornstar I like or dislike? These ranks are based solely on data. This removes any personal bias I may have and provides a more accurate ranking list.

Top 20: Hot Pornstars with the Best Ass in Porn (2020)

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Top 32 Hottest Curvy Porn Stars (2020)

Men lust after women with big ass centuries ago because, for them, these women are highly attractive and sexy, and that belief also came from the olden days where women with big fat ass are more apt for reproduction. Men in the old days would rather have women who have huge booty to ensure they will have plenty of offsprings. But then in the years that follow, like how it was in the 80s where women would rather have a shapely waist instead of having big ass for fear of being ridiculed and being called a fat ass, or thunderbutt, but gone are those days.
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