Facial femization surgery

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The goal of facial feminization surgery is to transform the masculine features of the face to a more feminine appearance. Facial feminization surgery is performed as either a single procedure or as multiple staged procedures. Surgical manipulation of the bone and soft tissues of the face create a feminine appearance. There are many techniques used to perform facial feminization surgery, and many factors should be taken into consideration when choosing which options are best-suited for each individual. Choose a board-certified plastic surgeon and be confident you are in the care of a highly-trained surgeon you can trust. Facial feminization is a defined set of plastic and craniofacial surgical procedures that work to reshape masculine facial features to make them appear more feminine.

Facial feminization surgery

Facial Feminization Surgery | American Society of Plastic Surgeons

Background Facial feminization surgery FFS is a combination of facial bony and soft tissue surgeries designed to modify and convert a masculine face to feminine. There are prominent differences between the male and the female facial anatomy bony and soft tissue which can be surgically altered to change the visual perception of the face. Methods The author presents the method used at his center for treating patients of gender incongruence requesting FFS from June to June The alterations to known methods of forehead contouring, hairline lowering, and jaw shave adopted by his team are discussed. He also presents the logic of performing the entire FFS in two stages at an interval of 7 to 10 days. Results A total of cases of FFS are presented, along with surgical details of techniques used, the sequence and staging of procedures performed, and the results obtained. A two-staged approach to FFS is proposed to maximize the recovery and minimize complications and promote faster healing.

Facial Feminization Surgery: A Review of 220 Consecutive Patients

Facial feminization surgery FFS includes a series of plastic and craniofacial surgical procedures designed to feminize the face. FFS is ideal for trans women and non-transgender women who want a more feminine facial appearance. For transgender women, FFS procedures can significantly decrease the often harmful effects of gender dysphoria.
Facial feminization surgery encompasses a broad range of procedures to change masculine facial features into feminine features. Examples include having your hairline moved to create a smaller forehead, having your lips and cheekbones augmented, or having your jaw and chin reshaped and resized. You also might need skin-tightening surgery, such as a face-lift. Facial feminization surgery might be done as a step in the process of treating distress due to a difference between experienced or expressed gender and sex assigned at birth gender dysphoria. The techniques can help transgender women transition physically to their self-affirmed gender.