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Hilarious, sexy, and great fun. Bloom elevates this addition to the secret-lives-of-the-Roosevelts genre through elegant prose and by making Lorena Hickok a This is groundbreaking, shape- and genre-shifting work from a daring writer; a fresh novel that elevates questions of sexual Another emotional, passionate, and psychologically complex love story in a gripping series that follows the fates of two The love story is a delight, the social commentary sharp, the writing funny and fun—and yet the sorrow, even bitterness, at Subtle, well-crafted, and powerful.

10 Books to Turn Up the (Erotic) Heat

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My main goal for this site and my reviews isn't to force my opinion down your throat. And I don't know about you, but I've found that the book descriptions provided by the publishers of books don't always have a lot to do with the actual content of the books! I don't usually pay much attention to publication dates, so sometimes I'll post reviews of older books. But, really, a good book never goes out of date!

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I totally understand and respect that not everyone is comfortable with that power dynamic in fiction. If you ever just need to turn your brain off for a sec, might I suggest Toxic Desire by Robin Lovett. Each book was less enjoyable than the last. Sweet Agony by Charlotte Stein is an erotic romance with a Gothic twist, and it is pure unadulterated Elyse-bait.
Just because a work of literature can be a sexual turn-on does not inherently make it less than. Even "smutty" shouldn't have such a negative connotation. Some of them are so good, in fact, they've also made their way to your screens.