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In 15 series of the reality show we have been given plenty of highs, lots of lows, and everything in between. In 15 series of Big Brother we've pretty much seen it all. From sex acts, nudity, showmances and everything in between, there have been too many memorable moments to count. Today year-old model Aaron Frew was kicked out of the house following an incident which saw him drunkenly flash fellow housemate, Joel.

KISS & TELL: Big Brother Danielle sold story on Dexter Koh's 'five-inch designer' manhood

Big Brother's most memorable moments: Sex acts, nudity and showmances - Mirror Online

By Jason Chester. He admitted his feelings for her inside the Big Brother house, while she always kept him at arm's length. But now they're out in the real world, it seems that Charlie Travers, 26, has put her doubts behind her and has started a full-on romance with Dexter Koh. The reality star pair were spotted sharing a passionate kiss as they left Aqua in Mayfair after an intimate meal-for-two on Friday night. Clearly not bothered about being spotted, the new couple puckered up on the doorstep of the upmarket restaurant.

Big Brother's most memorable moments: Sex acts, nudity and showmances

And despite insisting she's "classy", the Glaswegian kiss and told last June following her four-month fling with another BB housemate — Dexter Koh. For those that missed the launch show last night, Catholic lingerie model Danielle has already ruffled viewers' feathers by proclaiming she's against same-sex marriage. However, the year-old's devout views are somewhat contradictory to the fact she strips for a living and makes cash from failed romances.
Big Brother runner-up lashes out at the Catholic glamour model calling her a 'fraudster'. Asked by Ashleigh Coyle if he was genuinely "in love" with her, Danielle answered: "He was. Danielle even questioned Dexter's sexuality and said he "sobbed" when she dumped him. Dexter, however, clearly has a different story to tell and took to Twitter to rant about Danielle during the show.