Cyber sex addicts

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Jason, a year-old self-employed electrician, is a soon to be divorced father of two young children. He says that after his kids were born, his wife was always either too tired for sex or just plain not interested in it. Before Jason realized what was happening, he had profiles on five different apps, and he was spending more time hooking up with women than managing his shop. Within a year, he had fallen behind on the mortgage and in paying his many suppliers. And she found quite a lot.

What is Internet Sex Addiction?

Internet Sex Addiction - Gentle Path At The Meadows

What Is Cybersex Addiction? The popularity of the Internet has unleashed an abundance of information, but has sprung a new realm of addiction for persons who are susceptible to problems of low impulse control. According to the Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health, approximately 2 million people are addicted to Internet sex. Cybersex can occur in chat rooms, email, news groups or pornographic websites.

Cybersex Addiction Healing And Treatment

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Background and aims Cybersex addiction is discussed controversially, while empirical evidence is widely missing. With respect to its mechanisms of development and maintenance Brand et al. To support this hypothesis, two experimental studies were conducted.