Completely shaved nudists

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Shaved nudists

Are most nudist shaved? : nudism

I started shaving as a dare in boarding school by the other boys. I was a late developer compared to the other boys. One night in the showers they dared me to shave my pubes off. I was sixteen at the time. When I was done they all looked at me to

Smooth Nudist

Chris and I got together in , he had always been a Naturist or Nudist call it what you will. He had warned me of this when we first met and planned to get together. We had met at the camera club where I had posed for portraits but when he first came to my home he said that he would love to photograph me naked.
As a nudist family we all do however i was shaving from an early age of 14, and wife from I've passed through dozens of nudist beaches So what.