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Thanks for connecting! You're almost done. Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username. Everybody knows that Cracked is made up of the world's foremost dick experts. But lately, we've been branching out into other genitalia -- that's why we've become a lot of people's go-to source for looks inside the lives of sex workers. Last year, we wrote an article with male porn star Lance Hart about the insane realities of his job.

6 Things You Learn When You Make Lesbian Porn

6 Things You Learn As A Lesbian Porn Star |

But before that he was a pioneer in another medium, pornographic films. Brown began writing it, so far as editor Jameson Currier can determine, around , and submitted it to mainstream publishing houses in , when Brown was still making films. The later part of his life he devoted to theater, especially after the success of his play News Boy. Most of what Brown claims he learned while teaching himself how to make porn films seems eminently sensible. And never to have sex with any of the performers in his movies. Brown learned all this after being fired from one of the jobs he took after moving to New York with a degree from the theater department at Northwestern University, which got him his first job at Circle in the Square. After that, he seems to have been in advertising and marketing for a time.

How to Be a Porn Star

Click here to get it. Many people will never wonder how to become a porn a porn star. This article is not for them. But if you ever wondered if you could have sex on film for money or how, then read on. You probably think the typical porn actress is blonde, has a large chest and butt, yet she remains thin at the waist.
Here, she talks about what it's like to work with straight female performers, how she changed her look to conform to mainstream porn standards, and how she wants her porn to appeal to both women and men. I've never touched a penis in my entire life. I am a lesbian. This is my eighth year doing porn. I did some mainstream indies, but my main gig was commercials.