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The Asian wild ass is a horse species that has relatively short legs. It is a mammal belonging to the family Equidae. Among the several ass species, the Asian wild ass has the greatest resemblance to a horse. The color of its coat changes according to the season whereby during winter it is usually light brown in color and during summer the coat turns to reddish-brown. Most are white in color on the ventral side, the muzzle and the buttocks with the exclusion of the Mongolian wild ass.

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A member of the subgenus Asinus , the onager was described and given its binomial name by German zoologist Peter Simon Pallas in Five subspecies have been recognized, one of which is extinct. They are reddish-brown or yellowish-brown in color and have broad dorsal stripe on the middle of the back. Unlike most horses and donkeys , onagers have never been domesticated. The onager is closely related to the African wild ass, as they both shared the same ancestor. The kiang , formerly considered a subspecies of Equus hemionus , diverged from the Asiatic wild ass and has been acknowledged as a distinct species. The onager formerly had a wider range from southwest and central to northern Asian countries, such as Israel , Saudi Arabia , Iraq , Jordan , Syria , Afghanistan , Russia , and Siberia , the prehistoric European wild ass subspecies ranged through Europe until the Bronze age.

Sarah R. Synonyms available in Grubb castaneus Lydekker, ; finschi Matschie, ; hemionos Boddaert, ; typicus Sclater, ; blanfordi Pocock, ; hemippus I. It also extended through the Arabian Peninsula as far south as central Saudi Arabia. It survived in Armenia and Azerbaijan until 17thth Centuries Wolfe
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