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Despite current diagnostic and therapeutic advances, the morbidity and mortality rates still remain high. Furthermore, children who survive medulloblastoma are at risk for long-term sequelae related to the neurological effects of the tumor and surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy. Therefore, it is of great importance to identify new anticancer drugs that can significantly assist in improving the survival of children with minimal or no side effects. In this study, our primary objective was to identify and study the efficacy of new structural classes of drugs belonging to a family of steroid biogenesis inhibitors and in the peroxovanadium superfamily.


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It is a blend of history and geography all carefully mixed with the usual large serving of art history. If we look upon the history of Finland as a book, we should consider it as having three chapters. The first chapter would cover the period when what is now known as Finland was under the control of Sweden. This area was sandwiched between Sweden to the west and the Novgorod Republic to the east. The Treaty allocated just the eastern part of Finland, such as Karelia, to Novgorod, whilst the western and southern parts of Finland were given to Sweden.

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Amy had a bad breakup, probably the latest of many. But self-pity, in this case, leads to self-expression. And then, she goes on the warpath in the San Francisco dating scene, trying on these new personae to unsuspecting blind dates.
Annie Louisa Robinson Swynnerton ARA 26 February — 24 October was a British painter best known for her portrait and symbolist works, but who was also a capable landscapist. John Singer Sargent appreciated her work and helped her to become the first elected woman member at the Royal Academy of Arts in Swynnerton painted portraits of Henry James and Millicent Fawcett. Her works are in collections in the England, Scotland, and abroad.