Anal sex makes and piss

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Subscriber Account active since. If you have a vagina, you've probably heard many times that you should always pee after sex. But given that running to the bathroom isn't necessarily what you want to do after a hookup, you've probably wondered if peeing after sex is absolutely necessary. We spoke to Dr.

Why You Should Always Pee After Sex

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Another aspect of acute urinary retention in young patients

If it's not your mental health, it's your physical health and if it's not that there's the small matter of your vaginal health to worry about too. In regards to sex, there's nothing worse than being in the heat of the moment with your partner and suddenly feeling like you're going to burst because you need to pee. Now we know why that happens. According to Refinery29 , that sensation of needing to pee while having sex is totally normal and happens to lots of women.
Four homosexual men and one heterosexual woman presented with acute urinary retention secondary to intense anal intercourse. All had normal urologic histories. Their residual urine volumes ranged from ml to 1, ml.