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Fully searchable, our glossary is helpful for technical staff, directors, actors, producers, or anyone wanting to better understand the inner workings of theatre. Refers to the modification of furniture or props by shortening the upstage legs or lengthening the downstage portion in the case of solid units. All the information from the desk is transmitted along a single pair of cables to the dimmer where a de-multiplexing unit demux box decodes the string of data and passes the correct piece of information to the correct dimmer. However, new protocols are continually being added to keep up with more demanding equipment.

Amateur theatre

Amateur theatre - Wikipedia

Amateur theatre , also known as amateur dramatics , is theatre performed by amateur actors and singers. Amateur theatre groups may stage plays, revues, musicals, light opera, pantomime or variety shows, and do so for the social activity as well as the artistic side. Productions may take place in venues ranging from the open air, community centres or schools to independent or major professional theatres and can be simple light entertainment or demanding drama. Amateur theatre is distinct from the professional or community theatre simply in that participants are not paid, although this is not always the case, even though the productions staged may be commercial ventures, either to fund further productions, to benefit the community, or for charity. Amateur actors are not typically members of actors' unions, as these organisations exist to protect the professional industry and discourage their members from working with companies which are not signatories to union contracts. Opinions vary on how to define "amateur" in relation to theatre.

Theatre Terms

Theatre as an expression of human needs, dreams, desires, and fears predates written history. It has always been a multimedia and a multipurpose activity. Earliest records on cave walls and in ancient sculpture indicate that performance involved a combination of music, dance, and imitation or acting. The goals of the performance were at once spiritual, social, educational, and entertaining. The conditions of production and reception of theatre today are also more complicated than many other art forms, due to the number of artists, complexity of media, and audience formation customary in the theatre.
AGITPROP The original sense of agitprop was "agitation and propaganda on behalf of Communism", or "a government agency or department responsible for agitation and propaganda". The main current sense of the word is simply "propaganda, especially socially or politically motivated propaganda appearing in literary works, films, etc. The word agitprop is first found in English sources in the mid s. From the Random House Word of the Day website. Popular from the s in Europe and the USA.