Alcohol and sperm counts

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Diana Lucia does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment. The main concern surrounding alcohol exposure during pregnancy often relates to well-established evidence of newborns developing a range of behavioural, physical and cognitive disabilities later in life. But recent research is also pointing to a link between alcohol and poor sperm development , meaning the onus is on expectant fathers too. A myriad of studies are showing biological fathers who drink alcohol may have a significant role in causing health problems in their children. Studies are showing paternal alcohol consumption has negative effects at all levels of the male reproductive system.

Does Alcohol Kill Sperm? And Other Fertility Facts

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Resources and videos. Many things can damage your sperm, including being overweight, smoking, older age, and exposure to harmful chemicals. Being overweight can reduce your fertility because it lowers your sperm quality, including sperm count and movement. It also makes you more likely to produce abnormal sperm. Being overweight also reduces testosterone male sex hormone production, which can cause sexual problems, such as difficulties getting an erection. Sperm passes your genes from you to your child, and being overweight can affect how these genes function.

Moderate Alcohol Consumption Could Boost Your Sperm Count

Log in Advanced Search. Drinking a moderate amount of alcohol, equivalent to two pints a week, has been linked to higher sperm quality than lower or higher alcohol intake. A study of men in Italy, published in the journal Andrology , found that drinking units of alcohol per week was associated with greater semen volume and total sperm count, compared with those who drank units or more than 8 units a week. The men in the study had a mean age of
Guys who want to become dads are often advised to limit their alcohol intake, since it can damage sperm. However, a new study indicates that guys who drink moderately may be more fertile than men who don't drink at all. Published in the journal Andrology , a new study looked at adult men. The guys were broken up into four groups based on how many alcoholic beverages they had in a week: none; one to three; four to seven; and more than eight. Compared to the other guys, men who drank four to seven alcoholic beverages a week had higher sperm counts and semen volume — and a large sperm count is an important sign of fertility.