Actually egg it make many sperm

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CNN "Swipe right. Swipe left. More Videos Explain it to me: Fertility. State senator attends Zoom meeting while driving his car. Florida governor goes on Fox News to sign controversial law.

The Magic That Happens When a Sperm Meets an Egg and the Sparks Fly

How Do Sperm Get to the Egg? Bioengineering Expertise Needed! | SpringerLink

In order to provide better diagnosis and treatment of infertility and to develop better contraceptive methods, more needs to be learned about how sperm move through the female reproductive tract. Crucial phases of mammalian sperm transport include passage through the cervix and uterotubal junction, storage in the oviductal sperm storage reservoir, release from the reservoir, and location of the egg. There is some evidence for the existence of special passageways for sperm in the cervix, but this needs to be demonstrated and the mechanism of guiding sperm through the cervix needs to be elucidated. Passage of sperm through the uterotubal junction requires sperm to have certain proteins, but how these proteins function is not known.

Egg meets sperm

If you are on a fertility journey to start or expand your family, you know how special it is when conception takes place. Did you know…. When Sparks Fly So what happens when the lucky sperm finally gets to meet the egg? The magic of conception can happen any time in the week after sexual intercourse has taken place. Research has shown that visible zinc sparks are released along with calcium levels at the time of fertilization.
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