Consolidated resorts suck

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Columns Columns. The fast-food giant will also help its employees with high school completion, college tuition and accrued vacation time. As an Eagle County commissioner from to , I focused on finding ways to create sustainability for citizens as the separation of rich and poor grew. Beyond the Vail Valley, the notion of a livable wage seems to be taken more seriously. When workers have more money to spend, businesses get more customers — and when businesses have more customers, they hire more workers.

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The Capt. They were great working Capt Anson and Mate Tracy were knowledgable, professional and very entertaining. However we're Trip started 30 min late, we got back 30 min earlier so 4 hrs instead of 5 They force you to leave gratuity , they promise a partial Refund for shorting the trip but they never refund my card.

Menconi: We suck at minimum wage

I'd like to ask you all to register your contact information at the Sands Of Kahana Concerned Owners website at:. This web site links a growing group of owners who wish to facilitate open communication about all aspects of resort and how it is managed. It is in my and many others opinion that there can be significant improvement to the management and financial efficiency of the SOK VC. We the "regular" owners are not getting the full story and the Board of Directors will not allow us to communicate amongst ourselves. SOK VC refused.
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